Concours de Saab

The Concours is for all Saabs in original configuration, or those restored to factory specifications. Now that Saabs are no longer being produced, the display and judging of these cars is a critical part of keeping the history of Saab alive!

If you’ve modified your Saab to fit your own personality or set out to show what how much your Saab could be improved using different parts and pieces, then People’s Choice may be more a appropriate category.

For now, since Saabs are no longer in production, they’re all considered “vintage”. Accordingly, all Saabs produced 1950-2011 are eligible to show in the 2016 Concours de Saab. Telling the story of each and every Saab and introducing more and more owners to the fun of the Concours is a key part of maintaining Saab’s history.

Awards are offered in categories based on car model, with classes to accommodate all Saab models. Here are the classes for 2016, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will be offered in each class, so that’s up to 45 Awards that YOU have a shot at!

  • SAAB 92 and 93
  • SAAB 95 and 96
  • SAAB Sonett II and III
  • SAAB 99
  • Classic SAAB 900
  • Classic SAAB 900 Convertible
  • SAAB 9000
  • SAAB New-Generation 900 and first-gen Saab 9-3
  • SAAB New-Generation 900 and first-gen Saab 9-3 Convertible
  • SAAB 2nd Generation 9-3
  • SAAB 2nd Generation 9-3 convertible
  • SAAB 9-2X
  • SAAB 9-7X
  • SAAB 9-5
  • SAAB 2nd Generation 9-5
  • SAAB 9-4X

Each entrant will receive his completed judging sheet at the end of the weekend with judges’ list of “top 5” opportunities for you to improve your car, letting you know specific things you can do to improve your score next year.

Concours de Saab Philosophy

Literally translated, Concours d’Elegance means “parade of elegance.” The French first staged these events as marketing efforts to showcase stylish and expensive automobiles and fashions, which were then judged and awards presented.

Our Concours de Saab is based on that original idea of presenting the “best of the best.” Our goal is to assemble these special automobiles in an arena of competition which highlights the original manufactures’ design and construction. These criteria will be used in judging both original and restored examples.

The Saab Club of North America’s Concours de Saab rules are designed to give equal weight to originality and to condition. Thus, the highest-scoring cars and trophy winners are those that are closest to the way they left the factory. Take a look at a brand-new car of any make. Making one’s car look as close as possible to this is the ultimate goal. You can get a high score just by “super-detailing” a relatively nice stock Saab. The judges are instructed not to be “nit-picky,” but to take into consideration most Saabs are driven at least sometimes, if not on a daily basis. Also, one usually doesn’t know who his or her competition might be, so it is best to enter as clean a car as possible. All that being said, the Concours provides a great opportunity to “show and tell” and to see the Parade of Elegant Saabs. Click here to see the complete rules.

What to expect when you enter the Concours de Saab

  • The Concours de Saab is a judged/scored event (see the rules sheet).
  • The judges have many years of experience with Saabs and many specialize in your model.
  •  A winning Saab is a clean Saab! Things like detailed door jambs, trunk, and engine bay will improve your “condition” scores.
  • The entire car is inspected, so please remove all personal/cargo items from car leaving the trunk and interior empty and easily viewed.
  • The judges need access to all parts of the car – engine bay, trunk, spare tire, glove box, etc., so make sure everything is unlocked/open.
  • In addition to the car itself, the judges will look for the owner’s manual/folio, the spare tire, the jack and tools (see the rules sheet).
  • Saab accessories are OK! (for example, Saab sport exhaust,Saab wheels, Saab roof racks – see the rules sheet).
  • Major modifications will result in reduced originality scores (for example, modified engines, lowered suspension, window tint)
  • Your judging sheet will be returned to you after the show with the judges’ suggestions as to improvements you might make for next year. Click here to see the judging sheet.


A row of 96s competing at the 2013 Concours de Saab in Albany, NY. Photo courtesy of Thor Carlsson.


1982 Saab 900 Turbo competing at the 2012 Concours de Saab in Iowa City, IA. Photo courtesy of Tim Thompson.