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Concours d'Saab
Many of you will want to participate in the Concours de Saab or People’s Choice competitions. These show events are a great tradition of showing other Saab owners and convention goers just what can be done with time, patience, and a love of "getting things right". Below you will find the Saab Club of North America philosophy regarding the the Concours de Saab, as well as a short but concise definition. If your Saab is a well-maintained original or a restoration to factory specifications, then Concours de Saab is right for you! If you've modified your Saab to fit your own personality or set out to show what how much your Saab could be improved using different parts and pieces, then People's Choice may be your choice. For People's Choice details, click here.
Literally translated, Concours d’Elegance means "parade of elegance." The French first staged these events as marketing efforts to showcase stylish and expensive automobiles and fashions, which were then judged and awards presented. This was, of course, only for people who could afford such luxuries.
Our Concours de Saab is based on the original idea of presenting the "best of the best." Our goal is to assemble these special automobiles in an arena of competition which highlights the original manufactures’ design and concept. These criteria will be used in judging these restored or original examples. Every Saab manufactured is unique in its own right, and has its own history of ownership, so only those Saabs which meet the above standards should be considered for this event.
The Saab Club of North America's Concours de Saab rules are designed to give equal weight to original/OEM condition and overall cleanliness. Thus, the highest-scoring cars and trophy winners are those that are closest to original showroom condition. Take a look at a brand-new car of any make. Making one's car look as close as possible to this is the ultimate goal. A person has a good chance of getting a high score just by "super-detailing" a relatively nice stock Saab. The judges are instructed not to be "nit-picky," but to take into consideration most Saabs are driven at least sometimes, if not on a daily basis. Also, one usually doesn’t know who his or her competition might be, so it is best to enter as clean a car as possible. All that being said, the Concours provides a great opportunity to "show and tell" and to see the Parade of Elegant Saabs.
Categories change from year to year depending on the number of entries, but there will be clasess to accommodate all Saab models that are 10 years old or more (so for 2011 the newest car which may enter will be a 2001 model). Generally there will be classes for: SAAB 92 and 93, SAAB 95 and 96, Sonett II and III, SAAB 99, Saab Classic 900, Saab 9000, Saab New-Generation 900, Saab 9-3, and Saab 9-5. For the 900 and 9-3 classes, Convertibles may be judged as separate classes if there are enough entries.
Vehicles entered in Concours de Saab are judged by highly experienced Saab experts chosen by the SCNA Concours Committee. Cars are parked in specific categories with other similar vehicles and the judges conduct a thorough inspection of each car and complete a judging sheet to determine a score. A great benefit of competing in Concours de Saab is that you will receive your completed Judging Sheet. When you present your car on the showfield for the judging, be sure that your name and address are entered on your entry form so that we can get the sheet back to you!